Cotswold brand Blacklion Vodka will be giving visitors the chance to try the rarest vodka in Europe,
made using milk from a rare breed of sheep.

The full-bodied drink is being produced sustainably and triple distilled using Cotswold spring water.
Handcrafted in small batches, the illusive Blacklion Vodka is made using the milk from Valais
Blacknose sheep, which graze on the founders’ family-owned farm.

Using selective breeding, Tim and Tanya Spittle have created the Black Lion sheep, allowing them to
contribute to the preservation of this iconic breed, which originated in the Swiss mountains.
At the same time, they have been working on the UK’s first vodka produced using whey from pure
sheep’s milk for a crisp, clean and silk- smooth finish, with notes of warmth and the subtlety of the
mountain flower, edelweiss.

Tim and Tanya said: “With the family farm deep-rooted in our hearts, we’re passionate about
sustainability and producing exceptional vodka.”
Made for adventure, Blacklion Vodka will be exhibiting at the National Snow Show from 23rd to 24th
October 2021. Try it for yourself on stand E74.

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