Jamie Barrow


Jamie started skiing at just 2 years old and at the age of 8 gave snowboarding a go; since then, he’s never looked back. From the age of thirteen, he joined the British junior snowboard team and quickly progressed into boardercross, competing all over the world for the GB Squad.

After a serious accident during the qualifiers for the 2014 Winter olympics, he was left with a permanent back injury which doctors told him he would never be able to run again, never mind snowboard. As a result, he had to drop out of the british snowboard team. However, just a few months after the crash, he decided he wasn’t going to let this stop him pushing himself; he decided to break the british snowboard speed record. The idea was that, despite him being in pain for the rest of his life, he could put up with the pain to go straight down  slope and break a record. After breaking the record hitting a speed of just shy of 152kph, he got hooked in going fast.

Ever since then Jamie has broken 3 Guinness world records along with various other speed stunts. A documentary about his journey snowboarding in a ski resort in North Korea was aired on TV and generated nearly 10 million views with National Geographic.

Jamie has a lot more Guinness world records planned and will share them all with us at the show as well as his upcoming documentary.

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