So What is Powder? – Powder Mad

Its complicated ! If you look at its physics, chemistry and its general makeup, snow is just frozen water made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom that has assumed a solid crystallized structure....

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Championing snowsports in Scotland

Following the disruption of the last 12 months, Snowsport Scotland and our industry partners are working together to ensure that snowsports continues to be a strong and vibrant Scottish tourism attraction. Over...

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Why we love the mountains

Crystal Ski Holiday love the mountains, and we think you will too Winter’s got your name on it Get ready for pinch-me views, snowball fights, ski school stories and making your first turns...

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Ski Adventures for Beginners

Start your ski adventure: Everything you need to know about planning your first winter holiday If you’re keen to try something new, get out into snow-covered scenery and spend quality time with...

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Beginners guide to ski gear

If you’re going skiing for the first time or sending a child off on their first school ski trip, working out what gear you need can be baffling. Even if you’re renting from a platform like EcoSki,...

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Skiing and Snowboarding in the UK

In the past two years, as travel has been thwarted by the Covid pandemic, thoughts have turned to skiing in the UK. Ski resorts in England and Scotland are likely to remain on the radar as climate...

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