The Ellie Soutter Foundation

The Ellie Soutter Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to identify and provide support for young people, who have a demonstrable talent for winter sports and would otherwise be unable to maximise their potential because of a lack of financial resources. This will be achieved by providing grants for equipment, training, travel, competing and accommodation.

The grants will be restricted to those individuals who can demonstrate that their own family circumstances dictate that the opportunity to develop their talent would be denied to them, without this financial support.

Traditionally, winter sports are regarded as elitist pursuits, reserved for the wealthy. Therefore the pressures on young talented athletes from less privileged backgrounds are immense.

Coming from a family without the significant wealth required to reach her full potential, Ellie battled with the pressures of funding and performance. Ultimately they became too much for her and she took her own life in July 2018. The Ellie Soutter Foundation hopes to provide a safety net for inspiring talent, just like Ellie.

As much as possible, we seek to alleviate these pressures so athletes can focus on their performance without constant financial worry. We hope to promote social mobility by making winter sports more accessible to those athletes from less wealthy backgrounds.

We’ll seek to assist young people in developing the skills they need to deal with pressure and stress.

We’ll provide assistance to those for whom the challenges of performance may have caused or be causing mental health issues.


About Ellie and The Ellie Soutter Foundation

Ellie became Vice Champion of the world in the Junior Freeride World Tour in 2017. She was winner of a Bronze medal for Team GB at the 2017 European Youth Olympics and was tipped to be one of GB’s strongest contenders for the 2022 winter Olympics. As a junior athlete she, felt and understood the constant pressure to obtain the necessary funds for her training and events. She tragically died on her 18th birthday in the resort of Les Gets, France, where she was based.  Ellie’s family then decided to form The Ellie Soutter Foundation in her memory. The foundation’s aim is to help young athletes at all levels with funding for their journeys. The foundation also ensures they receive support and training that can help identify mental health issues, that can arise from the pressures they are often placed under, and ultimately help prevent the situation that led

to Ellie taking her own life on her 18th birthday

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