In 2012 the dream became reality as we set up or workshop in the midlands. Since then we’ve been building snowboards our way – with our own hands – for people who will not satisfy for anything but the best!  We’ve come a long way in such a short period of time, it hasn’t been easy!  We have had lots of ups and downs, sleepless nights and unforeseen setbacks. Nevertheless, Douks core belief hasn’t changed since that first board was pulled from the press: build the best snowboards possible, period.

Our construction has changed little since the start, as we made the choice to build our snowboards the right way from the start; utilizing the best local materials available.  Each board is painstakingly built in-house by a very small handful of devoted snowboarders who strive to create the finest constructed and most durable snowboards out there.  Even as our production volume increases, we’ll always keep the same hands-on, personal approach to building snowboards.  The Douk team are proud of every board that comes off the workshop floor. While we know that our graphics, quality, and finish will make our boards stand out in any shop, we believe that it is how our boards ride that will truly captivate our customers.

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The mountains are ours.

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