AWOL Mountain Wear was founded by Kayleigh Dickson in 2017 and has continued to grow ever since. As someone who has been diagnosed with PTSD, Kayleigh finds her freedom and happy place within the mountains, and an active, healthy life. Kayleigh’s background as an architect/designer was her original career path, however after she found a love of snowsports and being in the mountains a shift in career was on the cards. Following this she became qualified as an alpine, snowboard, adaptive alpine and adaptive snowboard instructor, combining the love of the mountains with a career. Yet, in 2018 she was diagnosed with PTSD, a condition she had been living with unknowingly for 6 years. Turning a negative into a positive, this diagnosis allowed Kayleigh to combine all her passions into one; designing, sustainability, the freedom of the mountains and raising the profile of mental health. Kayleigh has been incredibly open about her experience of PTSD, including driving the conversation of mental health within the British Association of Snowsports Instructors through a series of articles and blogs that she has written and a talk series at The National Snow Show, Birmingham on the 23rd October 2021.

Our designs relect the value and importance of mental health, alongside our physical health. AWOL Mountain Wear aims to bring mental health to the forefront of conversation and design in an honest and positive way.

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